2015 Micro Marathon: Thanks to our Volunteers!

Results and age group winners will be posted soon. Official donation $ is not confirmed (but will emailed to everyone later).

thank you

By every measure, this race was an absolute success. Thank you to everyone who participated.

A special thanks to all of our volunteers, which were essential to make the day a success.

  • Bruce & Cindy Hall, Head turn-around bell ringers, mid-race refreshment coordinators, chocolate medal creator
  • Dan & Miriam Ogden, Director of caffeineation procurement & registration
  • Gary & Jan Strealy, Lead Designer of “turn left, or right – if you’re in your right mind”, Dad slave & #1 supporter of (my) strange ideas
  • Megan Reid, Creative artist award
  • Jeremiah, Angie, Ellie & Mia Dodson, Graphic designer slave (& everything else related to Adobe) Head Entertainer of Littles.
  • Andy, Julie & Belle Haymart, Head photographer & cheerleader, best dressed dog
  • Adam Miller, CEO of registration (for which he is overskilled) & the fastest person who didn’t run
  • Tony Petrillo, Set up strong-man slave & friend extraordinaire
  • Anthony & Elizabeth Doris, Timing clock acquisition, kid herder, & more
  • Amy & Matt Borne, Gift bag philanthropist & more
  • Ann & Hope Dewitt, Pre-race party goodie bag planners
  • Lucinda Watson, Head cheerleader of running division
  • Andrea Birchman, CEO of Dispatchment. Coordinator with all Head of State Affairs, and an amazing cheerleader.
  • My family. They put up with a lot. And helped out a ton on this fantastic event.