FAQs and Donation Info

Race Specifics:

  • How long is the course?
    • 2.62 miles, or 4.21 kilometers
  • Is the course timed?
    • No individual timing chips, but Yes, there will be a timing clock. (in order to keep costs low)
  • What time does the event start?
    • 10:00 AM
  • Is the course flat?
    • Yes
  • Can I walk?
    • Yes
  • In the event of rain, sleet, or snow, will it still be held?
    • Yes, unless it’s really bad and routes are closed.
  • Can I transfer my registration to another person?
    • Yes, come early to the event and we take care of it.
  • How many times have you had this race?
    • This will be our 3rd year of holding the race. The race was previously hosted in 2015 and 2016
  • Are there awards?
    • Yes. 1st place for each age group will receive an award. 
  • Will there be water/aid stations?
    • Yes, there is a water station at the turnaround point (1.3 miles) 
  • Will there be restrooms?
    • Yes. There are public restrooms at the start of the race at George Rogers Park (None along the course.), as well as a porta-potty.
  • Is the course stroller friendly?
    • Yes. There are two “narrow” areas, but a stroller will easily fit.
  • Can kids participate?
    • Yes, it is encouraged. However, there will be no direct supervision.

Charity FAQs:

  • How much of the money goes to charity (Oregon DHS)?
    • 100%. All of it. Minus t-shirt expenses. 
  • Who is the money going to?
    • this year we are partnering with an organization called Parenting with Intent (PWI). PWI provides support services to help families involved with DHS Child Welfare in removing barriers to optimal family health.
  • Can you be more specific?
    • Micro Marathon is committed to providing tangible goods that benefit those in the foster care system. This year, our goal is to help teens in foster care.
    • This year, the money received from the Micro Marathon is going to purchase duffel bags (and possibly blankets as well) for the children in PWI’s care. Oftentimes, kids have to transport their belongings in trash bags from home to home, and this will help provide them with a more dignified and effective method of transportation 
  • Can I donate directly?
    • We would be grateful for it. Email us directly (aidan (@) micromarathon.com)


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