Race Specifics:

  • How long is the course?
    • 2.62 miles, or 4.21 kilometers
  • Is the course timed?
    • No individual timing chips, but Yes, there will be a timing clock. (in order to keep costs low)
  • What time does the event start?
    • 10:00 AM
  • Is the course flat?
    • Yes
  • Can I walk?
    • Yes
  • In the event of rain, sleet, or snow, will it still be held?
    • Yes, unless it’s really bad and routes are closed.
  • Can I transfer my registration to another person?
    • Yes, come early to the event and we take care of it.
  • How many times have you had this race?
    • This will be our 2nd year of holding the race. Last year was a huge success.

    Can kids participate?

    • Yes, it is encouraged. Although, there will be no direct supervision.
  • Are there awards?
    • Yes. Top three overall, and 1st place for age groups
  • Will there be water/aid stations?
    • Yes, at the half-way mark, 1.3 miles will be water.
  • Will there be restrooms?
    • Yes. There are public restrooms at the start of the race at George Rogers Park. (none along the course)
  • Is the course stroller friendly?
    • Yes. There are two “narrow” areas, but a stroller will easily fit.

Charity FAQs:

  • How much of the money goes to charity (Oregon DHS)?
    • 100%. All of it. Minus t-shirt expenses. 
  • What is the money going to be used for?
    • purchasing ipads (or similar) devices for the state transport kids in Foster kids to use
  • Why this?
    • kids like them
    • some kids have a long commute ( up to 1.5 hours/one way)
    • makes the ride easier on the state (DHS) drivers
    • it is a healthy mental distraction for these kids
    • combines entertainment and learning
  • How much will it cost t?
    • we are hoping to raise enough to provide 8-10 ipad mini’s (or something very similar). Each is approximately $300
  • What if you raise more than enough money?
    • Any excess money will be used to equip other county DHS service vehicles.
  • Can I donate directly?
    • We would be grateful for it. Email us directly (alden (@) micromarathon.com)


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